Dream about life

26 01 2009

by Fernando Franco

The Pre-Forum is taking place in the Seminary of the diocese of Belém located in a suburb of the city. It is spread over a number of buildings and to host a large number of seminarians at a time when they came the dozens and hundreds. It has a typically open Amazonian style and the main hall is spacious and modern.

We started the Pre-Forum with a beautiful prayer conducted by a group from the Jesuit NGO from the Basque Country (Spain), Alboan. The prayer-song expressed very well the theme of the workshop: Because of you Lord I choose life! The various strophes described various ways in which we can choose life daily: straightening our back, breathing joyfully the dawn, accepting the hits I have received, going beyond the limits I see in me, and looking for God in death, in the vulnerability of people and in the ungodly side of life. If you read Spanish, have a look at this post for the full text (and some pictures).

We were also asked to compose a puzzle that the team from Alboan had prepared. We entered the workshop feeling united, and sensing that God was going to speak to us.




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