On the eve of Pre-Forum Fé’namazônia

23 01 2009
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The Pre-Forum Fé’namazônia “Faith(s) and Defence of Life”, the meeting organized by Amazonian Jesuits on the occasion of the WSF, is now about to begin.

The first participants at the Pre-Forum Fé’namazônia “Faith(s) and Defence of Life” have already reached Belém do Pará, and they will continue to arrive over the next few hours. Coming from all over the world, the 125 participants are a fair representation of the richness and variety present in the Society of Jesus. Here are a few examples. There is a large and well-qualified presence from the Jesuit Conference of South Asia, thanks to the South Asian Peoples’ Initiative (SAPI) delegation, comprising 29 members (Jesuits, religious sisters, lay men and women). Other Jesuit Conferences are also well represented with Jesuits and collaborators from Europe, Africa, and East Asia. Not surprisingly, the majority of the participants come from Brazil and South America. Then there are also participants who belong to the Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS Eastern Africa and Italy) and Fe y Alegría networks.


In addition to Jesuit participation, the Pre-Forum will also be attended by about 100 diocesan priests, religious men and women and lay people working and living in Amazonia. This large participation is a consequence of the inter-institutional and inter-congregational work done by Amazonian Jesuits and bears witness to the effective, specific way of proceeding adopted by the Society in Amazonian region.

The alternation of important speakers, such as Marina Silva, Frei Betto and Fr José Comblin with those presenting grassroots experiences will characterize the schedule of the three days’ meeting. The six organizations and groups sharing their experiences are: Vicaria del Sur from Caquetá (Colombia); the Sisters of Notre Dame from Anapú, Pará (Brazil); the Inter-institutional Equipe Itinerante da Amazônia (“travelling team”); the Conselho Indigena de Roraima (Indigenous Council of Roraima, Brazil); South Asian Peoples’ Initiative and the Jesuit Conference of Africa and Madagascar.

The participants will have time to reflect on the numerous inputs and share their own experiences during the planned sessions of Working Groups. These groups offer an important chance to discuss concrete proposals for initiatives in areas considered relevant for the defence of life.




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